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Giovanna González known also as "Gio Mantis" as her artistic name, is a Mexican muralist painter, who began drawing and painting from an early age. It was not until 2018 that she began a professional career as a muralist and painter. 

She studied International law and Sustainability in Mexico City and decided that art was a major tool to express her concerns about the world and portray her feelings about humanity and nature.


 She grew up watching her grandmother create magnificent pieces of art.  Giovanna's  mother  along with her grandmother, were crucial characters for Gio's development and motivation as an artist,  and influenced her to continue creating art even during law school. 


 ”My creativity has been intimately linked with my experiences. Since I started traveling around Mexico and other continents, the creation of any piece was directly  influenced by the environment I was experiencing at the time.

Also my paintings have shown a facet of identity where I came to understand nature, culture and others."


Her previous work come into contact and reveals the relationships with various ethnicities, their elements as cultures and their social conflicts, mostly though Portraits. 


 “My art work has now been evolving into the pure expression of  the connection with nature and its interaction with humanity.

Through my admiration and depictions of flora and fauna, my art is devoted to light the important mission of protecting the Planet from human devastation”.

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