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"Art is a very powerful way to share clear messages to create positive changes in people. 

And it is my main objective to use this means to  strengthen  the consciousness towards a more responsible consumption and sustainable awareness."

Sculptures made with trash from the ocean

A project created in collaboration with Bio-Hogar for the annual "Festival de los Océanos" in Quintana Roo Mexico.

For 10 days trash  was collected from the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula, they were stored and divided to be used to create these Sculptures build and design by the Artist Giovanna Gonzalez and Fernando Gonzalez assisted by Manuel Korts .


This exposition was made with the aim of creating awareness of our consumption of plastic, and to make people realize the responsibility that we have as consumers and business,  to change our ways of production and use of products. The unnecessary usage of plastic is devastating the oceans and its delicate ecosystems, killing millions of species that mistake food with plastic,  impacting the natural environment at the bottom of the ocean, polluting the beaches and contaminating our bodies when we consume fish with micro-plastic. 


“The problem is real and visible. It is what motivated us to create these sculptures.

We realize that it's not enough to "recycle" even if it was all recycled for real,  but rather think that the solution is within the change of our daily habits of consumption.


We believe that one person can make a massive change. Just by realizing that the bottle of water that you drank today will take 500 years in the ocean  to decompose“.

murals for environmental awareness

This Mural was created during the OASIS FESTIVAL in Isla Mujeres Mexico.


"Octopus swimming in an ocean of pet plastic." 

This mural was part of a campaign to show our discomfort over the ways of production of the major multinational companies that sell water, soft dinks and other Pet plastic packed products, to encourage them to improve their packaging system and management of  waste and recycle.  

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