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I am a firm believer that art is a sensitive and powerful tool that connects our feelings and ideas. It has the power to connect us to our emotions and raise our consciousness towards the respect and love for the planet we live in. I present to you "The Frequency of the Axolotl." A project of a mesmerizing art installation celebrates this wonderful, endangered animal in a unique and creative way.




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But first, let us understand what an Axolotl is. It is a mystical creature indigenous to certain rivers and lakes in Mexico, holding within it, incredible regenerative powers and the ability to purify its environment. These remarkable beings serve as a beacon of hope, fighting against the challenges posed by climate change and water pollution, and creating an environment where life flourishes.

The Axolotl possesses a power that goes even deeper - the power of the heart. This creature has the unique ability to regenerate not only its spinal cord and limbs, but also its brain and heart, surpassing the abilities of any other animal. Through its

heart intelligence, the Axolotl connects to the very essence of life, bringing transformational energy to its environment and elevating the frequency in its surroundings. Truly, this gifted being holds a special place in the natural world, as a true manifestation of the power and wisdom of the heart.


Through this art installation, we wish to share our artistic interpretation of the Axolotl and its immense importance on our planet. We aim to make it an experience for the

spectator to witness this magnificent animal and feel the frequency of its heart. 

We have started a movement that involves organizations, artists, and governments to protect the Axolotl and its environment. The Axolotl Frequency continues its tour in the US that starting in Burning Man 2023 to Verge Climate Tech Conference and will continue bring to light the importance of  protecting this animal. 

But we can't do this alone. We invite  your be part of this movement and bring this vision to life. 

 Subscribe to follow this adventure closely. 

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